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Faerie Festival Recap

The Faerie Festival at Rocky Point Park was a blast! Thank you so much to everyone who came out despite the weather, and to everyone who stopped by my booth! The show itself was just so much fun. Getting to see everyone’s costumes and makeup was so inspiring; we were near one of the stages […]

New websites!

It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post. o__o  On the personal front: Griffin started kindergarten this fall and we’ve been sick SO. MUCH. Mostly colds and flu, one awful stomach bug, then I ended up hospitalized with pneumonia right before Christmas. I am feeling much better now. Now Griffin has pneumonia (luckily not […]

Tidying Up (studio edition)

My studio has been a hot mess since day one, and I really thought the problem was moving everything in before I had storage figured out. I don’t think that anymore, I think I just have too much stuff and tried too hard to make the space my everything. I have so much crammed into […]

Coming soon! Mossy notes

I’ve got a few new stationary goodies in the works (ordered, just waiting to arrive). Gwen and I were painting one day and I got very invested in this little mossy doodle, and it is now going to be a notepad and two sticky notes!

Tidying up (home)

It’s September (October, as I finally post), and the weather is finally changing, and I could not be more thrilled about this! Being outside is pleasant again! Griffin started kindergarten, and Gwen & I have been adjusting to daytimes spent just the two of us. We’re working on the garden, tidying up around the house […]

Going back to older artwork

My project the last few weeks has been designing gift tags. I’m in love with how they’re turning out, but had a moment where I realized how old some of the artwork was. Let’s talk about that! There’s such a push on social media to be constantly making new things, all the time, as fast […]


Life stuff: Gwen is 3! She loves Gabby’s Dollhouse, Octonauts, and Bluey. She loves to sing and dance, and I keep finding her using tall plant/flower stems outside as “microphones” to sing into. 😂 She is so sweet and affectionate, curious and brave. Griffin started kindergarten this week! He’s liking it so far; his teachers […]

Inprnt shop update: Rainbow Girls 🌈

I recently added a series of mini prints to my Inprnt shop! These Rainbow Girls started as watercolor & ink pieces in my sketchbook; two are from a few years ago, and the rest I did a few months ago. I start by painting a random shape and then drawing over it with pen. It’s […]

Griffin is 5!

ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ It’s fine. It’s good. Seriously though, this kid! He is smart, funny, kind, thoughtful. Challenging, sometimes; he’s very different to how I was as a kid. Being his mom is such a privilege and adventure. He’s starting kindergarten next month. aaaaAAAAAAaa Likes: Minecraft, LEGO, Spider-Man, math/numbers, art Dislikes: most vegetables; different foods […]


We spent last weekend in the Poconos; we rented a house with Jarod’s three brothers, their wives, and all our kids. It was wonderful. We didn’t get out much, the weather wasn’t very cooperative, it poured all day Sunday and we just stayed inside and played games. It made me realize how long it’s been […]

Recent Books, and more

Reading Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Umm I loved this! I’ve been seeing fanart for the series sporadically on tumblr, so I borrowed it on Libby. It was wildly entertaining and felt like such unique world building. I don’t try to actively guess the plot when I read, but early on I thought, oh […]

More garden pics

It’s been sooo dry, and then we had a week straight of gentle rain. The plants are loving it and had a real growth spurt, so I thought I’d share more. 🙂 In planters: Tomatoes Eggplant ‘Patio Baby’ Bell Pepper, Lilac All the herbs and salad greens: Sorrel, shiso, cilantro, parsley, burnet, lovage, spearmint, peppermint […]